ORFF SCHULWERK: Reflections & Directions Hardback

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ed. by Cecilia Chu Wang.

How do we best promote music learning in the new century? 20 leaders reflect on the past, present, and future of Orff education: Orff around the globe; early childhood, teacher education, band room; creativity, special needs, technology, jazz education, world cultures; field tested lesson plans.

Orff Schulwerk: Reflections and Directions is divided into four sections:

  • The first explores the state of Orff Schulwerk throughout the world: Europe, Latin America, Australia, South Africa, and in diverse communities in the United States.
  • Section Two explores Orff Schulwerk in early childhood, the band room, teacher education, and current research.
  • In Section Three, the authors look to the future, focusing on creativity with Orff Schulwerk, teaching children with special needs, jazz education, music of other cultures, and adapting future technologies.
  • The critical fourth section features ten detailed, field-tested lesson plans, adapting the Orff-Schulwerk approach into a wide range of teaching situations.

These lesson plans will inspire teachers to the wide range of creativity possible in the music classroom and serve as templates for teachers looking for fresh ideas and ways to fully explore the Orff- Schulwerk approach.

Intended for music teachers of all levels, including teacher trainers, teachers of children with special needs, and university professors and researchers. For those curious about Orff Schulwerk, or those who want to have a deeper understanding of best practices in teaching music—or are eager to explore innovative music teaching strategies—this book is essential. 305 pp.


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