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by Bonnie Rossa and Brad Keller. 

A collection of eight songs in blues forms ranging in style from the Swing era to Heavy Metal Rock.

The songs work with recorder or with barred Orff instruments. Songs 1-2 use BAG, 3-4 add E, 5-7 add C', and 8 adds Bb. Each song contains an improvisation section!

Also includes projectable PowerPoints, Smartboard files, videos and performance/accompaniment mp3s for all songs in this collection.

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1. Cats’ Meow (G A B)
2. Groove’s in the BAG (G A B)
3. Blue Moon Rising (E G A B)
4. Cat Mandoo (E G A B)
5. Rockin’ Blues Cat (G A B C’ )
6. Tom Cat Blues (G A B C’ )
7. Heavy Metal Kitty (G A B C’ )
8. Blues Mojo (E G A Bb B C’ D’ )
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