Get to Know Classical Masterpieces: MOZART Magic Flute

Item No: 7335


arr. by Hans-Günter Heumann.

This lavishly illustrated volume contains a brief bio of the composer, a history of the work, the plot or thematic synopsis, and simplified piano arrangements of the musical themes of the work.

Includes simple bio, a list of characters in the opera, the plot by act, and 13 themes.

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  • Oh help me!
  • A bird-catcher is what I am
  • This portrait is enchanting
  • Those men who feel the force of passion
  • The power of your magic notes
  • That sound is os lovely
  • Every good, courageous man needs a set of bells like this
  • O Isis and Osiris
  • All can feel the joys of loving
  • The rage of hell it boils and burns
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