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Valeaira Luppens and Greg Foreman created this program to achieve the #8 National Music Standard goal, "understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts," to build teamwork in the school's "ensemble" and to improve motivation across the curriculum.

A host of clever reproducible activities and practical lessons integrate music with communication arts, history, math, and science. Teach both music and communication arts as students write constructive responses comparing and contrasting instruments.

  • Hold a musical spelling bee, and work with anagrams, similes, and acronyms.
  • Correlate music and history by building a Venn diagram comparing two "fathers" born the same year-George Washington and Joseph Haydn.
  • Work on math by choosing the best option for purchasing instruments and staying within a budget.
  • Play the role of a symphony office manager and design bar graphs to demo your strategic plan.
  • Explore the properties of sounds and pitch with instruments in a lesson on the science of music.
  • Much more!

Teaching Music Across the Curriculum uses a winning combination of creative teaching strategies that connect students to materials, concepts, vocabulary, and ideas they're studying in their classrooms, while reinforcing the musical information they need to retain. Gr. 2-6. 92 pp. Paperback

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  • Foreword
  • National Standards for Music Education
  • Another Word (Common Italian Terminology - tempo and dynamics)
  • Amazing Acronyms
  • Construction Zone
  • Effectively Using Picture Books
  • Jazzy Journaling
  • Maelzel's Marvelous Metronome
  • Musical Spelling Bee
  • Oxymorons
  • Tricky Anagrams
  • Tech It!
  • 1732: Birth of Two "Fathers"
  • Brahms' Story Starter
  • Classical Classification!
  • Gioacchino Rossinin
  • Similes
  • MATH
  • Add It Up!
  • Get Ready! Get Set! Go!
  • Maestro Melody's Mysterious Notes
  • Musical Math Mystery Box
  • Rhythmic Requirements
  • Sassy Sudoku
  • Symphony Board Report
  • Two Plus Two (Cards for Primary Grade Levels; Cards for Intermediate Grade Levels)
  • Commercial Calculations
  • Science Improvisations
  • Tell Me Why!
  • The Rainbow Race
  • Shoebox Guitar

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