Item No: 7303


A Facilitator's Guide to Drum Circle Music by Kalani

According to Kalani, a drum circle can be simply defined as "a group of people working togther to create in-the-moment music using drums and percussion instruments". Because they are so successful at creating positive interaction, drum circles are used in many settings; educational, community, health/wellness, training & development.

This is a facilitator's guide to Drum Circles and touches on all settings. But Kalani is an educator and his teaching is the center of what he does. Three key components--inclusion, cooperation and appreciation--are the basis of his philosophy. We learn cues for making a circle work, learn about the instruments normally used, focus on key concepts and activities for all ages.

In the DVD, we watch a circle in action, learn the facilitation techniques, watch the dynamics of the circle. Whether you try it at school, church, community, with adults, children or both, these techniques are great guides.

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