THE BOX: Songs That Celebrate Imagination Songbook/CD

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Songs that Celebrate Imagination by Mark Burrows.

Remember a special box from your childhood maybe a refrigerator or console TV that had your interest for a long time? The same idea is played out for Gr. 1-3 in these 8 songs.

Blast Off to space. Do the Prehistoric Hop. Fight a fire with a Big Red Fire Truck. Search for treasure in a Pirate Adventure.

Set in a variety of musical styles, the songs can be connected with the rhyming dialogue into a school program. Reproducible song sheets and a P/A CD complete the package. All you need is a box. (But you could use our hats & props, too!)  Gr. 1-3.
Paperback & CD

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Track Listings:

1. Dialogue 1
2. Let's Go
3. Dialogue 2
4. Blast Off
5. Dialogue 3
6. Prehistoric Hop
7. Dialogue 4
8. Big Red Fire Truck
9. Dialogue 5
10. A Pirate Adventure
11. Dialogue 6
12. Anything Can Happen in a Fairytale
13. Dialogue 7
14. Take it to the Vet
15. Dialogue 8
16. Take it from Your Teachers
17. Dialogue 9
18. Let's Go Reprise
19. Let's Go
20. Blast Off
21. Prehistoric Hop
22. Big Red Fire Truck
23. A Pirate Adventure
24. Anything Can Happen in a Fairytale
25. Take it to the Vet
26. Take it from Your Teachers
27. Let's Go Reprise


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