BODY ELECTRIC 2.0 Paperback

Item No: 7163


by Mark Burrows.

Explore the possibilities in rhythm and groove by combining body percussion with vocal percussion and mouth sounds. This is a wild and wildly fun set of sound pictures that could easily become performances if you add props & costumes.

"If they love it, they'll learn it,"
says Mark.

Gr. 2-6. Reproducible student pages. 40 pp. Paperback.

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  • The Silent Snake: A Tone Poem
  • Dog Show
  • Lip Pop Gamelan
  • Talk Like a Pirate
  • Alpha-Beats
  • Body Canons
  • Geography Jams
  •  Little Bat
  • The Lion and the Mouse: A Tone Poem and more.
The titles are indicative of the creative fun in store for you and your classes.

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