MUSIC A LA CART: Tips and Techniques to Take Your General Music Classroom on the Road

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Tips and Techniques to Take Your General Music Classroom on the Road by Susan Ali Ahmad, Alexandra Burton, Ann M.M. Crouch, Toni Jove, Myra Lynn McCurry, Myra E. Wheat, and Kristina Paschal Whitely.  

These 7 á la carte teachers help tailor your cart and your teaching, from streamlining loading/unloading, to adapting Orff and Kodaly techniques, to incorporating technology. Reproducible checklists and diagrams, and lesson plans, too. 71 pp.


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  • So You're On a Cart... Now What?
  • Getting Cart Smart
  • Keeping the INstruction Rolling Along—Effective "Cartroom" Management
  • Do to go—Transporting Kodaly
  • Orff and Running
  • On Size Does NOT Fit All
  • Dancing Around the Desks—Creative Movement in Creative Spaces
  • Traveling Tech
  • DIY—Do-It_Yourself Instruments and Props
  • Appendices
  • Lesson Plans
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