RECORDERS IN RHYTHM: Caribbean Paperback & Enhanced CD

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Six Inspiring Arrangements with a Latin Flair by Kalani.

If your class has been drumming awhile, take a look at this resource. Kalani has set 6 Latin rhythms for percussion and recorders and encourages authentic playing styles supported by the audio/video CD.

Recorder players must have the ability to play a C major scale from c to g above staff plus F# and G#. All must be able to play a steady beat, a divided beat, and syncopated patterns, as well as play basic tones and a variety of percussion.
Paperback & Enhanced CD

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  • Cha-cha Chocolate
  • Bolero Dynamic
  • Clavacious
  • Perusing
  • Mambo Suave
  • Gypsy Abakua

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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