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From the New England Dancing Masters, More Great Singing Games for Children. Their music is always authentic and recorded live.  Paperback & CD

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Songs Include:

  • Down in the Valley
  • Jump Josie
  • Gramma Moses
  • Hunt the Cows
  • Hambone
  • I Let Her Go-Go
  • Down Down Baby
  • Chee Chee Cha
  • Roger is Dead
  • Alabama Misissippi
  • Charlie Over the Ocean
  • Razzama Tazzama
  • Step it Down
  • Old Brass Wagon
  • Green Sally up
  • Tweedle Eedle Ee
  • Highland Gates
  • Mr. B
  • At the Bottom of the Sea
  • Chicken and a'Chicken
  • Boboneedle
  • Ti Ya Ya
  • Four White Horses
  • The Tree Song
  • Somebody's Waiting for Me

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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