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Thai Children's Songs, Games and Customs
by Pornprapit "Ros" Phoasavadi and Patricia Shehan Campbell

Thailand is a vibrant country that embraces its traditions while it revels in change.  Pornprapit "Ros" Phoasavadi was born into this tapestry of old and new, peaceful and dynamic. Her life has been dedicated to mastering and sharing the music of her homeland, from her favorite children's game songs and chants to intricate instrumental compositions. This resource features 6 songs, 3 instrumentals, photos, a Thai folk tale, history, festivals, recipes and a pronunciation guide.

All the music is performed on the CD and each has a slow pronunciation guide, too. Adaptable for all ages.
Book with reproducible pages & CD

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Track Listings:

 Song 1 : Pleeng Loy Krathong
     1. Sung in Full (ching)
     2. Spoken in Phrases
     3. Sung in Phrases
 Song 2 : Pleeng Chang
     4. Sung in Full (vocal)
     5. Spoken in Phrases
     6. Sung in Phrases
 Song-Chant 3 : Poong Paang
     7. Chanted in Full (Claps)
     8. Spoken in Phrases
 Song-Chant 4 : Maun Saun Paa
     9. Chanted in Full (Claps)
   10.Spoken in Phrases
 Song-Chant 5 : Rii Rii Khao Saan
   11. Chanted in Full
   12. Spoken in Rhythmic Phrases
 Song 6 : Pleeng Wan Koed
   13. Sung in Full (ching)
   14. Spoken in Rhythmic Phrases
   15. Sung in Phrases
   16. Ca-khee (crocodile zither)
   17. Ranaat (Xylophone)
   18. Instrumental 1 : Pleeng Voracheed
   19. Instrumental 2 : Pleeng Khaang Khaaw Kin Kluay
   20. Instrumental 3 : Tap Mae Sii Song Khruuang (Tap Nok)
 Common Thai Words and Phrases
   21. Short and Long Vowels
   22. Words and Phrases
   23. Relationships/Family
   24. Body Parts
   25. Clothes
   26. Food
   27. Pets
   28. Numbers
   29. Colors
   30. Days of the Week
   31. Months of the Year
   32. Seasons
   33. Weather


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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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