MOVEMENT + MUSIC: Activities for Children Book & CD

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By Phyllis Weikart.

Preschool - Gr. 2 experience the joy of creativity as they move to music. Eight key movements are explored using 20 music selections which are on the CD and can be extended with material from the Rhythmically Moving CDs 1-4. Nonlocomotor, locomotor, with objects, expressing creativity, following directions, describing, feeling steady beat, sequences are key experiences introduced with strategies and models. 36 pp.
Paperback & CD

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  • Patting to a Steady Beat, Both Hands Together
  • Patting to a Steady Beat (One Hand, One Side/Other Hand, Other Side)
  • Patting to a Steady Beat (Alternating Hands)
  • Patting the Body on Both Sides to a Steady Beat (Sequenced Movement)
  • Walking to the Beat of the Music
  • Movement Copycat
  • Moving to the Feel of the Music
  • Problem Solving

Music on the CD

  • All the Way to Galway
  • Bekendorfer Quadrille
  • Brian Boru's March
  • Cherkessiya
  • Cumbeland Square Kjurdjevka Kolo
  • Gaelic Waltz Happy Feet Hole in the Wall
  • Raspa
  • Mechol Hagat
  • Nigun
  • Peat Fire Flame
  • Pljeskavac Kolo
  • Sally Gardens
  • Sliding
  • Sneaky Snake
  • Toi Nergis
  • Yankee Doodle
  • Zigeunerpolka

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