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A World of Rhythms for Drums, Pitched Percussion and More by Mark Burrows.

29 diverse jam pieces, based on rhythm patterns from around the globe, use a variety of percussion, plus occasional Boomwhackers, found objects, and Orff instruments. Meaningful speech parts allow for a teaching process connecting speech to body percussion to playing, and performance tips make them concert-ready.

Strengthen students' rhythm skills, enliven drum circles, or offer a change of pace in a choir concert. Jams celebrate cultures of Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, Ireland, Cuba, Japan, Hawaii, India, USA & more. Jams, and a world map, are reproducible. For Gr. 2-6.


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  • Ipu Jam (Hawaii)
  • Kahela Jam (Hawaii)
  • Samba Jam (Brazil)
  • Simple Samba (Brazil)
  • Mother Goose Sweet (traditional)
  • Hey Diddle Jam (traditional)
  • Little Star Jam (traditional)
  • Hickory Dickory Jam (traditional)
  • Tyger Tyger Jam (original)
  • Rock Jams 1 (USA)
  • Rock Jams 2 (USA)
  • Jig Jam (Ireland)
  • Poly Jam (West Africa)
  • Dahomy Jam (West Africa)
  • Kpanlogo (West Africa)
  • Wacky Waltz (Australia)
  • Son Montuno (Cuba)
  • Mambo (Cuba)
  • Cha Cha Cha (Cuba)
  • Middle East Super Jam (Middle East)
  • Maqsum Jam (Middle East)
  • Masmoudi Jam (Middle East)
  • Saidi Jam (Middle East)
  • Kilitan Jam (Indonesia)
  • Gamelan Jams (Indonesia)
  • Adi Jam (Northern India)
  • Punjabi Jam (Northern India)
  • Basic Taiko Jam (Japan)
  • Taiko Jam (Japan)

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