GAMES CHILDREN SING: Malaysia Songbook & CD

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Malay, Chinese, and Tamil-Indian Children's Songs and Lore by Jackie Chooi-Theng Lew & Patricia Campbell

Games Children Sing Malaysia is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to discover authentic songs, games, chants and folktales from Malaysia. Incorporating materials from the predominant cultures of Malaysia — Malay, Chinese, and Tamil-Indian — Games Children Sing Malaysia includes a range of activities with connections to music, social studies, language arts, storytelling, history, cuisine, dance, and nature.

Each authentic song uses melodies that are easy to learn and fun to sing, and includes text in the original language as well as an English translation. Active classroom participation is encouraged through the use of singing games, dances, rhythm instruments, and Orff instruments. Anecdotes and recipes from a native Malaysian enhance the learning experience.

For ease in learning the songs, a CD is included with the book. The CD contains three tracks for each song: a full recording sung by a native speaker in the original language, the words spoken slowly, and the song sung phrase by phrase, a cappella, with time for student echoing.

Songbook & CD

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Track Listings:

Tepic Amai-Amai (Clap with the Lady-Bugs)
 1. Song
 2. Phrase
 3. Chant

Kopi Susu (Coffee with Milk)
 4. Song
 5. Phrase
 6. Chant

Lenggang Kangkung (Swaying of the Watercress)
 7. Song
 8. Phrase
 9. Chant

Can Mali Can (Come Goat, Come)
 10. Song
 11. Phrase
 12. Chant

13. A Malay Folktale: Sang Kancil dan Sang Buaya (Sang Kancil and the Crocodile)
14. Malay Spoken Phrases

Da Tou (Big Head)
 15. Song
 16. Chant

Wan Pi De Xiao Mao Mi (The Playful Kitten)
 17. Song
 18. Phrase
 19. Chant

Yi Tiao Xiao Yu (The Little Fish)
 20. Song
 21. Phrase
 22. Chant

23. A Chinese Folktale: Sze Long (The Four Dragons)
24. Chinese Spoken Phrases

Oru Kallu (One Stones)
 25. Song
 26. Phrase
 27. Chant

Onnu Kudam Thanni (One Bucket of Water)
 28. Song
 29. Phrase
 30. Chant

On-Naam Pathi (The Bamboo Garden)
 31. Song
 32. Chant

33. A Tamil-Indian Folktale: Iynthu Kurudargal (Five Blind Men)
34. Tamil-Indian Spoken Phrases

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NOTE: This is NOT the full track listing.

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