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Denise Gagne has created flashcards that are color-coded and numbered, printed on 8½" x 11" card stock and ready to be cut-in-half for use. Cut flashcard size 4½" x 11".

What's included:

  • Melody Flashcards (6132)
    Includes 16 cards each of: s-m. l-s-m, s-m-d, m-r-d, l-s-m-r-d; in the keys of C, G, and F. Many singing and listening activities are included with a blank template to make your own melody patterns. 80 cards sequentially presented for grades 1-5.
  • Rhythm Flashcards (6125)
    Nearly all of the patterns are derived from familiar songs, so Name That Tune is a great game for older students. The set includes a reference to these specific songs and their rhythmic patterns. For younger students, play a host of other games: Rhythm Bingo, The Price is Right, Rhythm Canons, Mystery Songs & more!
    100 flashcards sequentially presented for grades K-8.


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