THE ORCHESTRA read by Peter Ustinov DVD

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Peter Ustinov reads The Orchestra, the award-winning book (Q758) and CD (5120) by Mark Rubin, illustrated by Alan Daniel, introducing the music and instruments of the classical orchestra to children ages 5 - 12.

This video offers "a delightful introduction to what's what in music and who's who in an orchestra" (Toronto Symphony Magazine).

Included are excerpts from 26 of the greatest classics, performed by the Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Walter Babiak. 40 min.

This introduction to the varied delights ... weaves concert pieces, bits of history music education, and a story into one glorious whole.
-The Ottawa Citizen

Additional Info

Video chapters include:

1. Music is Everywhere
2. Feelings
3. Almost Anything You Can Imagine
4. The Composer
5. The String Family
6. The Woodwind Family
7. The Brass Family
8. The Percussion Family
9. Special Instruments
10. The Conductor
11. Finale

Bonus features include:

  • Peter Ustinov Lit l'Orchestre - full French version.
    40 min.
  • Bring on the Brass - a big, bright brass concert for children, narrated by Leo McKern (Rumpole of the Bailey) 54 min.
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