DALCROZE Kit: 2 Books, CDs, DVD & Rhythm Games Kit

Item No: 5529


by Robert Abramson, internationally acclaimed Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher and Juilliard professor. 

Exciting music and movement games that challenge all ages! Develop concentration, active listening, rhythm skills and musicality in games your kids will beg to play.

Kit includes 2 game books, 3 CDs of music for games, 26 balls for rhythm games, 4 circular stretch bands to explore dynamics and phrasing, and a DVD of Abramson Eurhythmics classes of kids and adults. 

What's included:

  • Rhythm Games for Perception and Cognition (Q657)
    Connect body, mind, and feelings with these movement games for all ages-kids to adults. Elementary and middle schoolers especially love the games with balls and other movement-in-place and movement-in-space activities that challenge their active listening and quick reaction skills. Students will increase attention and concentration skills with games that actively focus ear, mind, and body on rhythm and other musical elements.
  • Rhythm Games Kit (3797)
    Even without Dalcroze training, any music or classroom teacher will find Rhythm Games and Feel It! accessible and easy to use with the help of this activity kit. Includes rubber balls for rhythm games: one 10", one 7", and two dozen 2", plus four circular stretch bands to explore dynamics and phrasing.
  • Feel It! Rhythm Games for All (5100) 
    Rhythm skills are developed sequentially, with exciting games of movement, ear training, and imagination. Bounce balls in Games of Beat, walk and jog in Games of Subdivision, create body canons in Games of Patterns, learn to conduct in Games of Measure, and much more! 79 games in all, with accompaniment CD. Awakens all ages to the music within them and challenges them to turn movement into musicality.
  • Dalcroze Eurhythmics DVD (5061)
    Dr. Abramson explains the principles, goals and methods of Eurhythmics, demonstrated in children's and adults' classes. 35 min.
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