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Music once again proves its empowering and bonding nature as 10 Boston Youth Symphony players are taken completely out of their comfort zones to meet students in Laikipia, Kenya and discover each other worlds. Both groups become totally drawn into the experience of getting to know each other through music that neither group had heard before.

The naturalness of music to everyday life and celebration, the fact that the Kenyans did not know what a 'concert' was, because when they get together everyone participates, the eagerness with which the Kenyans learned to play the Boston youths' instruments, getting away from the written notes, and living in close relationship to nature give us a peek at this life-changing time.

Take your class on the journey by showing the whole 70 minute video, or spend time discussing each chapter. Excellent for Gr. 6-12 or a studio.
70 min. DVD. Purchase includes public performance rights.

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Chapters include:

  • Making Music
  • Perspectives
  • Journey begins
  • Out of the box
  • Moran Clinic
  • The Concert


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