Item No: 5038


In this extraordinary film series, children of different cultures share one thing: a love of music which is their source of joy and motivation.

This DVD focuses on a talented young child’s devotion to a traditional instrument from Spain, the history and making of that instrument, how unwritten musical traditions are passed on, and a final public presentation and approval of the young musician before elders and society. Witness their daily family and community life in impoverished circumstances, and revel at how music transforms their young lives. Highly recommended for Gr. 4 and up.

Antonio and his Flamenco Guitar
12 yr. old Antonio lives in Jerez de la Frontera in southern Andalusia. Born into a Gypsy family of flamenco artists, he dreams of performing on television.  We follow his daily pursuit of that goal, playing with his family, accompanying his sister's flamenco dance classes, being teased and bullied by his peers for always carrying his guitar, yet always practicing and looking for ways to achieve his goal. Music is the source of his family's unity and strength.   

26 min. Performance rights are included with the purchase of this DVD.

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