Item No: 5019


In this extraordinary film series, children of different cultures share one thing: a love of music which is their source of joy and motivation. 

This DVD focuses on a talented young child’s devotion to a traditional instrument from Columbia, the history and making of that instrument, how unwritten musical traditions are passed on, and a final public presentation and approval of the young musician before elders and society. Witness their daily family and community life in impoverished circumstances, and revel at how music transforms their young lives.

Carlito, Child King of Vallenato
Carlito lives in Valledupar, Columbia. He has grown up with "Vallenato", a musical style using African drum, European accordion, and Indian guacharaca. He dreams of becoming  "the king of Valelnato" like his idol Alejandro Duran. With the help of his friends, the self-taught accordion player learns to play the rhythms  and styles of paseo, puya, and merengue.  

Highly recommended for all ages. 26 min. Performance rights are included with the purchase of this DVD.

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