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This outstanding series chronicles the history of the United States through narration and song. This 90 min., 2-CD set of songs and historical notes covers the Industrial Revolution and The Labor Movement in the USA. All ages will love the music, and the series is excellent for junior and senior high music and history classes.

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The Industrial Revolution:
Weave Room Blues; Ten and Nine; Hard Times in the Mill; The Work of the Weavers; The Ballad of Springhill; The Blind Fiddler; Peg and Aw!; The Weary Cutters; Blow the Man Down; Pat Works on the Railway; The Royal Telephone; The Farmer Is the Man; In My Merry Oldsmobile

The Labor Movement 1860s to 1930s:
Solidarity Forever; Storm the Fort; Eight Hour Day; My Sweetheart's a Mule in the Mine; The Preacher and the Slave; Joe Hill; The Death of Mother Jones; Cotton Mill Girls; A Ballad of Dead Girls; I.L.G.W.U.; I Ain't Got No Home; We Shall Not Be Moved; Which Side Are You On?

The Labor Movement 1930s to 1980s:
Sit Down; The CIO is Bigger Than It Used To Be; The Yablonski Murder; Buddy Won't You Roll Down the Line; Kumbaya⁄Nosotros Venceremos⁄Huelga; Ninos Campesinos; My Old Man; Automation; Argon Mill

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