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A Story in Words, Pictures & Songs about Lovable Animals & their Love of Jazz by Randy Sandke.

Each animal introduces its instrument in a different jazz style as the band grows. Then hear This Little Light of Mine played in 8 jazz stylings.

Highly recommended as a fine recording of jazz that teaches through story and style.  Fun listening for all ages.
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1. Tiger, Tiger
2. Elephant Text
3. An Elegant Elephant
4. The Hip Hippo
5. Jenny the Giraffe
6. The Drummin' Dromedary
7. Penguin Text
8. A Penguin Who Plays It Cool
9. A Swan Text
10. A Swan Who Plays with Heart
11. Cockatoo Text
12. A Cockatoo on the Clarinet
13. Bison Text
14. The Blue Bison
15. The Robin's Song
16. Join Our Band
17. This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine
18. Jazz Variations on This Little Light of Mine
19. Reprise: Little Light/Join Our Band
20. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
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