I SING, YOU SING, TOO! Songbook & CD

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Who can resist the temptation of singing an echo? Children learn to listen and sing independently with these simple echo songs. They can echo you or the leader on the Soundtrax CD. Or the children can lead. These 30 songs by Sally Albrecht & Jay Althouse encompass a wide variety of subjects including seasons and holidays, solfege, homonyms and more.

Soundtrax CD includes two versions of each song: performance with a leader and accompaniment only

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Song Titles:

  • The Black Cat
  • By the Sea
  • Climbing' Up the Mountain:
  • Goin' to a movie
  • Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
  • I Like to Rhyme
  • I Sing, You Sing, Too!
  • I'm a Turkey from Albuquerque
  • If I Were a Pirate
  • If You Can Follow Me
  • It's Autumn
  • It's So Hard to Say Goodbye
  • Jingle, Jingle, Jingle
  • Music, Music!
  • People Who Love Us
  • Pitter Patter
  • Rules of Life
  • A Single Light
  • Snowflakes
  • So Many Ways
  • Sol Fa, So Good!
  • Spring Has Spring
  • Summertime!
  • Vacation!
  • Waltz the Night Away
  • What Do You Want To Be?
  • When is Your Birthday?
  • The Winter Wind
  • Woody, the Woodchuck
  • The Yodeling Song


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