FANTASTIC FORCES: Music, Movement & Science Paperback/CD/DVD

Item No: 22021


by Kate Kuper.

Get on-board with the STEAM initiative. Create a wheel and axle with group movement. Experience force, load, and gravity through your body. Discover the 3 classes of levers by partnership movement.

Explore science with movement and dance in this intriguing and practical curriculum. As Kate says, " when we combine moving with speaking, singing, looking, and listening, holistic learning takes place."

Begin with physical warm-ups that include movement & science concepts, then introduce the science concept for the day and reinforce it in the body with movement.

Each lesson includes objectives, warm-ups & concept introduction; activities, and Science Corner with additional concept work. The DVD has demos of movement and lessons with a class of 3rd graders which is helpful both for teachers and the class. The CD features music for the warm-ups, data files to reproduce, including posters and reflection journal pages. A great cooperative teaching tool!

Additional Info

5 lessons

  • Lesson 1: Force, Load & Gravity; Compression, Tension, Structures
  • Lesson 2: Work, Levers & Fulcrums, Levers & Us; Three Classes of Levers
  • Lesson 3: Lever & Wedge Compound Machines
  • Lesson 4: Wheel & Axle; Friction
  • Lesson 5: Simple Machine Families
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