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A Unique Step-by-Step Visual Guide by Carol Vorderman

Covering everything from semitones and note values to harmony and music appreciation, Help Your Kids with Music takes you on a clear and easy step-by-step path through all things music with free supporting audio available.

This straightforward guide uses clear, accessible pictures and diagrams to approach even the most complex musical theory with confidence. The use of bright colors breaks up the black and white confusion of musical notes and helps you to easily understand key topics. You’ll also find a glossary of key musical terms and symbols for quick reference, and a supporting audio to help you understand the music you are seeing.

Suitable for those working on music at school or as an extra subject, this valuable guide covers music theory from Grades 1-5. Whether you’re approaching the subject yourself or simply supporting someone else through their studies, Help Your Kids with Music simplifies the world of musical notation and study for everyone.


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Key concepts in 5 step-by-step chapters:

  • The Basics explains the types of instruments, notation for keyboard and stringed instruments, the “musical alphabet,” and counting a beat.
  • Rhythm covers the length of notes and rests, as well as basic rhythms and meters, phrasing, syncopation, tempo, and using a metronome.
  • Tone and Melody includes everything a student needs to know about tones and how they work together to build a melody.
  • Chords and Harmony shows how intervals work together and includes examples for horn and woodwind instruments.
  • Form and Interpretation helps students understand how musical form can aid appreciation and interpretation for classical, jazz, blues, and other musical styles.
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