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Each song-based lesson includes:    

Lesson Structure: READY . . . SET . . . GO!    
This in-depth lesson organization will prepare you for success in each class.

READY . . . (Targets)    
This section details the learning targets, specific concepts to be addressed, vocabulary to be introduced, or reinforced, and lesson outcomes.

SET . . . (Stuff you’re gonna need!)

  • A list of materials and equipment needed
  • The Visuals needed for lesson support, which are available to you as downloads.
  • Recordings for all songs:  child-appropriate and fun tracks for the songs in this collection!
  • Photographs to help you see what this lesson will look like in your classroom.
  • Interest Igniters like props and manipulatives you might wish to use are included in many lessons.

GO! . . . (Instructional Sequence) 

  • Lesson Hooks to draw students in 
  • Step-by-step, in-depth instructional suggestions 
  • Plans that are scaffolded well, in order to use the children’s time wisely. This is especially important since so many music teachers see the students infrequently. 
  • Plans that strive to address a variety of “paths to learning” for your students

What's included:

  • Printed Book 
  • Digital Book PDF 
  • Audio MP3
  • Visuals

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Action Songs    
1. My Bonnie    
2. Down to the Baker's Shop    
3. Chester    
4. Long-Legged Sailor    
5. Ridin' in a Buggy    
6. Five Little Ducks    
7. Allison's Camel    
8. Six Blue Pigeons    

Songs with Props    
9. Chumbara    
10. Five Green and Speckled Frogs    
11. There's a Spider on the Floor    

Audiation Songs    
12. Little Cabin in the Wood    
13. Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree    
14. Swimming, Swimming    
15. The Horse Went Around    

Echo Songs    
16. Goin' on a Picnic    
17. Charlie Over the Ocean    
18. No More Pie    

Singing Games    
19. Seven Steps    
20. Wishy Washy     

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