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Great Ideas to Use Your Classroom Set of Ukuleles 
by Paul Corbiere, Mari Schay, Deborah Imiolo, Laurin Dodge, Brigid Finucane, Andy Funke, Jennifer Lee-Alden, Aimee Curtis Pfitzner, & Blake Siskavich offer practical lessons & tips on boosting music skills and enthusiasm too!  

So, you have some ukuleles? Great! This book is here to help you introduce this fun and versatile instrument to your music class. It will walk you through how to teach the first ukulele lesson, where to go next, and how to gradually expand your students’ uke skills. Best of all, every lesson idea comes from a music teacher who tried it with their own young musicians first. Use those ukes well with these great ideas that really work! Gr. K–6

Paperback & Digitals

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  • Teaching Ukulele
  • Open Tuning and Color-Coding
  • Tech Resources for Ukulele Instruction
  • My Dog Has Fleas
  • Ukes for Little Ones
  • Apple Tree
  • Sit, No! Strum, Yes!
  • I See the Sea
  • Song Libs for Ukulele
  • Inch Worm
  • Falling for the Pentatonic Scale
  • Cedar House Blues
  • Keep 'Em Singing
  • Strumming Warm-Ups
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