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A Progressive Collection for Young Players 
by Paul & Teresa Jennings. 

Rounds are an excellent way to build confidence and independence in young recorder players. 

Add to your recorder repertoire with rounds in 2, 3, and 4 parts. Start simply with 2-part Big Round BAG and progress to an octave+ and 4 parts with I Love the Mountains. Kids learn independence, experience harmony, and follow a score as they both sing and play the rounds. P/A CD of clever accompaniments. Reproducible parts.

Paperback & CD

Book & CD

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  • Big Round BAG - BAG
  • Upside Down - GABC
  • Yangtze Boatman's Song - EGAB
  • Canoe Round (My Paddle Clean And Bright) - DEGAB(E')
  • Morning Glory - DEGAB
  • Sweet Pea (Run Down And See) - DGABD'
  • Now The Day Is Nearly Done - GABCD
  • Frogs All 'Round ("Song of the Frogs") - DGABCD'
  • S'vivon (Dreidl, Spin) - EF#GAB
  • A Ram Sam Sam - DF#GABCD'
  • Hot Choc'late - DF#GABD'
  • O, How Lovely Is The Evening - GABCDE
  • The Adventures Of Duckleberry Flinn - F#GABCD
  • Music Alone Shall Live - DEF#GABCD'E'
  • I Love The Mountains - DEF#GABCD'E'
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