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Grooves, Activities & Ensembles for Touchscreen Devices
by Mark Shelton

Create music using simple apps as instruments with this fun and interactive book and CD.

Mark Shelton's specially selected, user-friendly, free apps together with his curriculum-based activities guide students to play ensembles on touchscreen devices in both classroom and performance. Divided into 3 levels of difficulty, the activities include teaching suggestions and a CD of example audio tracks to help make the lessons fun and educational. Gr. 3-6.

These are intended for APPLE® DEVICES.
Book and Audio/Data CD

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  • Introduction
  • Buzz-A-Round
  • Free Improv
  • Simple Sampling
  • Preposition Groove
  • Beatbox Sampling
  • Simple Sequencing
  • Hear and See: Direction, Motion, and Contour with a Sequencer
  • Loop and Sequence
  • Compose, Sequence, and Notate
  • Dot the Rhythm
  • Special Effects
  • Ambient Improv
  • Record a Rhythm Exam
  • Rhythm Drills on the Touchscreen
  • Fabulous Fritter Ensemble
  • BuzzerEZ Ensemble
  • Touch Tune Ensemble
  • Buzzer Bop Ensemble
  • Work the Perc Ensemble
  • Techno-Guava Jelly Ensemble
  • Beatbox Boola Ensemble
  • March Electro Ensemble

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