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Songs & Activities for the Music Classroom by Mark Burrows.

“If they love it, they learn it,” is Mark’s philosophy for teaching. These clever “twisted” songs with Orff-based activities teach musical skills and concepts and address life skills, too. Brain Freeze works on musical patience plus steady beat, repeated tones...and the reasons for the freeze. If You’re Angry (and You Know It) offers anger management options with stomps, counting, exercise, breath.

Use Music-Go-Rounds Emojis to inspire new verses expressing other feelings. Music for the Royal Chickens experiments with vocal sounds and articulations like glissando & trill (Music-Go-Rounds Articulations) as they cluck through Handel’s music. Busy as a Bee, based on animal sayings, adds a 5-part vocal percussion groove. Gr. 1-6.

Paperback & CD

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  • Rock n Roll PB & J
  • Bruce Weiner Zoo Dentist
  • Brain Freeze
  • If You're Angry (And You Know It)
  • The Recyclops
  • Radioactive Lunch
  • Music for the Royal Chickens
  • Busy as a Bee
  • Pop Quiz
  • The "My Foot Just Fell Asleep" Stomp
  • Chinchilla
  • Mad Hatter Day

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