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by Mari Schay.

Step inside a world of silly lyrics, happy monsters, and rigorous music instruction with this fun and easy-to-use recorder curriculum.

Each unit begins with a monster-narrated lesson and a "monster mantra" that reinforces the unit’s central skill. Warm-up exercises provide engaging activities to strengthen new notes and rhythms, and recorder repertoire based on traditional songs with silly monster lyrics increases student buy-in. 

You and your students can visit Recorder Monster online to access resources in or out of the classroom, including demonstration and accompaniment tracks and notated music for all of the songs. Get students excited about their successes with collectible Recorder Monster Trading Cards (23043) that they earn by playing. Gr. 3 - 6.

Teachers’ EdPaperback plus to online access to accomp. tracks, & PDFs of student pages, posters, monster cards, visual aids and online access in and out of the classroom. 

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