KIDSKITS Performance Kit

Item No: 21667


4 Short Musical Plays for K-2 by Roger Emerson.

Easy-to-produce 15-min. plays filled with life lessons with simple dialog and songs.

Each has a theme:

  • Popcorn Parade — Science: Take a fun-filled musical excursion into the world of science when a group of chefs help solve the problem of the unpopped kernels.
  • Thanksgiving Treasure — Thankfulness: Discover the importance of being thankful.
  • Bunny Ears —  Listening: See what can happen if you don't have your “Bunny Ears” on!
  • Lightfingers — Honesty: Take a light-hearted view of human nature and learn a lesson in honesty.

Kit has piano/vocal arrangements, performance suggestions, digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings, PDFs of melody, lyrics, and dialog. For grades K-2.

Performance Kit

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  • Friends (from LIGHTFINGERS)
  • The Hunt Is On!
  • It Takes A Thief! (from LIGHTFINGERS)
  • Pop Pop Pop (from POPCORN PARADE)
  • Popcorn Parade (from POPCORN PARADE)
  • Popcorn Tonight (from POPCORN PARADE)
  • Real Treasure (from THANKSGIVING TREASURE)
  • Runnin Bunnies (from BUNNY EARS)
  • Star Power (from BUNNY EARS)
  • Trust Is A Must (from LIGHTFINGERS)
  • We Should Have Listened (from BUNNY EARS)
  • What's So Special? (from THANKSGIVING TREASURE)
  • You Can Do It (from POPCORN PARADE)


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