ALL ABOUT MUSIC SONGS! Paperback & Enhanced CD

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8 Great Unison Songs and Activities Teaching Musical Terms by Mark Burrows, with orchestrations by Tim Hayden.

Learn musical concepts through experiencing them. Memorize musical facts by singing them! Then extend the learning with more fun suggestions. These 8 songs demonstrate the concepts and and define them with clever lyrics.

Sing and do The Articulation Tango, singing legato, marcato, staccato. Then draw a picture with legato style, connecting to the paper at all times, and staccato style using little dots. Sing a well-known song with a different articulation~Rock-a Bye Baby sung staccato.
Sing pp to ff with a crescendo, then decrescendo in Dynamics.

Sing and experience The Fermata Song. Get the body moving to Gimme That Syncopation. Discover the importance of rests with A Song About Rests. Also includes Melody and Harmony with optional Orff accomp., Staff!, and Tempo Time Machine. All have useful and fun activities to continue the understanding.

As Mark says: "it's a win-win. Kids sing more. I talk less."

Reproducible book or pdfs. Performance/accompaniment CD. Grades 2-6.
Paperback & CD

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  • The Articulation Tango
  • Dynamics
  • The Fermata Song
  • Gimme That Syncopation
  • Melody and Harmony
  • A Song About Rests
  • Staff!
  • Tempo Time Machine

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