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by Cristi Cary Miller and Elizabeth Shier

From the first day of school, this multi-media song collection is filled with music fun for little ones! Play a name game, make new friends, move and freeze with the Spider dance, echo rhythm patterns with Turkey Tom, scat sing with call and reponse, and more!

Features full-color projectable song charts with lyrics and embedded audio; activity visuals to reinforce steady beat, rhythm reading, fast/slow, loud/ soft; solfege patterns (so, la, mi, re, do); reproducible melody sheets, lesson plans by grade, and more. Gr. K-2.

Paperback with file and audio download and P/A download

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  • Do You Know My Friends at School?
  • When We're in School
  • The Spider Thing
  • Turkey Tom
  • Hurry, Hurry, Christmas Day
  • On a Wintry Day
  • Down at the Station
  • J-A-Z-Z, It's for Me!
  • Instruments are Fun
  • Spring Is Finally Here
  • If You're Happy Summer's Comin'
  • Hit the Beach


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