1-2 LET'S ALL PLAY: Music Activities for Children Spiral

Item No: 21582


by Mary Knysh & Lulu Leathley. Enhance rhythmic skills, creativity and self-expression with lessons, activities, games, and songs. From Storytelling with Drums to Boomwhacker Twister to Conducting games with instruments, movement, and dance, you'll find loads of imaginative ideas to keep kids actively listening, singing, moving, playing—and learning!

In the Movement & Body Awareness section kids stomp in the mud, unwind, conduct sound to movement and movement to sound.
Because Mary had a class that met before lunch, she had the kids create fun and funky rhythmic patterns from their food preoccupation in Rhythm-The Language Link.
In Social/Emotions, children play their feelings, have a musical conversation.
Many relevant ideas that are simple to incorporate as learning tools, yet are meaningful play to the children.

PreK-Elem. Spiral Paperback

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