OUTSIDE THE LINES: A New Approach to Composing in the Classroom Paperback

Item No: 21562


by Mark Burrows

Compose a video soundtrack. Create a soundscape for a painting.  Build a percussion groove with box notation.

Kids tell stories long before learning to write.  Kids can compose before they can notate pitch, rhythm & meter. Composing is creating—"to put together"—and creating music is an important part of the music curriculum. Definitely we need to teach conventional notation, but don't let that hold up the fun of creating and connecting. 

Mark's accessible and enjoyable process frees your students to express creative ideas without worrying about breaking any musical “rules.” Everything from picture notation to a one-line staff makes composition educational, rewarding, invigorating, and yes, fun! Grades 2-6 

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  • Introduction
  • National Standards
  • River of Sound
  • The One-Line Staff
  • Boomwhacker Melodies
  • Sound Collage
  • Famous Painting Soundscapes
  • The Rythm of Words
  • Poetry Pieces
  • Box Notation
  • Graphic Scores
  • Dynamics Soundscapes
  • Musical Moods
  • Piggyback Songs
  • Tone Poem
  • Compose a Soundtrack
  • Hand Scores
  • Improvisation

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