UP UP AND AWAY! A Busy Bodies, Busy Brains Book & CD

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by Mari Schay.

Develop music skills in your youngest students through active engagement, imagination, and the spirit of play. 

Continuing the effort to promote music learning in PreK-K, Mari gives us 4 more units involving singing, playing instruments, and movement, with simple plans and effective tools, preceded by three short sections about why we need to teach music, the elements of music, and making music time effective. 

This set of classroom-tested activities is highly adaptable, and the enclosed CD makes the book accessible to non-music teachers and music specialists alike. Taken directly from Mari's teaching experiences, these lessons reference the Common Core, Head Start, and National Core Arts Standards.

Each unit—In the Trees, Things That Fly, Things That Go, and Up and Down—feature 7 songs and storybook suggestions. 
Paperback & CD

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  • Why Do We Need to Teach Music in Preschool and Kindergarten?
  • What Are the Elements of Music?  
    Singing * Playing Instruments * Movement
  • How Do We Make Music Time Most Effective?
  • About This Book—each unit contains:  
    Name Song * Shorty * Songs to Sing * Steady Beat * Playing Instruments * Movement * Read Aloud Book


  • Unit 1: In the Trees (book Abiyoyo
  • Unit 2: Things That Fly (book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
  • Unit 3: Things That Go (book Miss Spider's New Car
  • Unit 4: Up and Down (book The Ants Go Marching)

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