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Music-Go_Round Manipulatives are fun, fast, and interactive in the true sense! Our safe, flexible silicone disks cling to any smooth surface: whiteboards, floors, walls, windows.

Our silicone disks match the colors of Boomwhackers and Chroma-Note Handbells. Arrange spots on a whiteboard to form familiar melodies, then point, play, and sing. Stack the spots vertically to create chords, then have the boomwhacker band play harmony while the rest of the class sings or plays the melody. Or compose and play your own music! Non-skid squishy spots can also be used on the floor as markers for games, group formations, and blocking stage positions for dances or plays.

4 ea. of A-G.   3¾".     Set of 28

HOW TO CLEAN: Rinse in sink, run through the dishwasher, or spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean. To ensure Music-Go-Rounds cling to the white board, make sure the back side (shiny side) it is clear of dust, oil, and residue. Hard water deposits (looks like a dusty white film) can be removed with glass cleaner or vinegar.