Music-Go-Rounds COMPLETE SET

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Our high-visibility manipulatives are the most versatile teaching tools in your arsenal. They’ll cling to whiteboards, Smart Boards, laminated surfaces, glass, plastic, and anything smooth. They work great in floor games or as spot markers, and can even be inserted into our jumbo cube to play dice games. Faster and cleaner than markers, more durable than magnets, washable, virtually indestructible, MUSiC-GO-ROUNDS™ will find a place in every part of your music curriculum, now and for years to come. 381 pieces with downloadable Activity Guides.

MUSIC-GO-ROUNDS Complete Set of 18

HOW TO CLEAN: Rinse in sink, run through the dishwasher, or spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean. To ensure Music-Go-Rounds cling to the white board, make sure the back side (shiny side) it is clear of dust, oil, and residue. Hard water deposits (looks like a dusty white film) can be removed with glass cleaner or vinegar.