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MUSIC-GO-ROUNDS Manipulatives for Whiteboard or Floor.
Our safe, durable silicone disks and hearts cling like magnets to your whiteboard or any smooth surface, and can be used on the floor with our floor mats, or as place markers or game pieces for group activities. Unlike magnets, these will not break or lose their ability to stick. Made of soft, flexible, washable food-grade silicone that won’t tear or deform. We're sure they'll become your new classroom favorites. 

Learn concepts of note values and relationships, counting, meter, and time signatures. Includes 19 silicone strips (12" x 2½"), which you cut on dotted lines to create 64 individual pieces. Students visualize durations of rhythms by relative lengths of the pieces. Arrange and play rhythms in measures of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4. Includes a web link to activities and games for the whiteboard and floor. 64-piece Kit

HOW TO CLEAN: Rinse in sink, run through the dishwasher, or spray with glass cleaner and wipe clean. To ensure Music-Go-Rounds cling to the white board, make sure the back side (shiny side) it is clear of dust, oil, and residue. Hard water deposits (looks like a dusty white film) can be removed with glass cleaner or vinegar.