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36 durable non-skid silicone dots for use on floor, white board, or any smooth surface. Play circle games like Musical Chairs (with spots instead of chairs), organize kids into teams, groups, or formations by color to save time, eliminate the “shrinking game circle,” block stage positions and dance choreography, and more.  3.75" diameter. 6 of ea. color. Set of 36

TIP: Draw on them with erasable markers to create your own set of rhythms, symbols, letter names, or game pieces!

HOW TO CLEAN: Use glass cleaner or white board cleaner. To ensure the dot marker clings to the white board, make sure the back side (shiny side) it is clear of dust, oil, and residue. Dots are microwave and dishwasher safe. Hard water deposits (looks like a dusty white film) can be removed with glass cleaner or vinegar.