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Set includes Music's My Bag, King Keyboard & Resonator Bells with Ladder

Music's My Bag By Mary Ann Stewart.
Engage the whole child kinesthetically in the process of music, from preschool through late elementary. Enjoy a flexible array of musical activities and games witha small group or an entire class. Introduce pre-reading concepts and also more advanced activities, including note names, intervals, chords, etc. Movement and eartraining play a major role in all theactivities. Music's My Bag is an integrated, sensory approach to music--one which lays a solid foundationin music fundamentals and provides a sequential framework for buildingreading skills. The Kit includes a heavy vinyl Grand Staff floormat (4' x 6'), 3 bean bag notes, 19 plastic letters and numbers, activity sheet & storage tube.

King Keyboard
This large walk-on keyboard (C octave) allowschildren to move bodily from key to key--a great way to teach the musical alphabet, steps and skips, up and down, etc., to beginners. More advanced students can also discoversharps and flats, chord structure, intervals, etc. The heavy, durable vinyl floormat is portable and easy toclean. Additional octaves maybe added. Activity sheet and storage tube included. 3' x 6'.

Resonator Bells with Ladder
Play the bells in ladder position tovisualize and hear steps, skips, intervals, chords, and tunes.This helps students learndirectional relationships ofup/down, high/low, left/right, and the musical alphabet, to correlate with thestaff and keyboard. Bells can beremoved for students to play individually,and to place in the correct locationon the King Keyboard, Musics My Bag staff, and Hopscotch mat. Tuned to C major, the metal bars (with no sharp edges) have engraved note names, and the resonating chambers and ladder areall wood. Includes 2 rubber-headed mallets. 19" long.

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