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Katinka Daniel is one of the most influential Hungarian-Americans who directed and influenced the entire adaptation of the Kodaly Method and progress of the Kodaly Movement in the U.S. with the approval of Zoltán Kodály. Her method includes detailed presentation, including sequences for introducing rhythm, musical sounds, intervals and form. Also gives the total curriculum for Levels 1, 2 and 3. SB Paperback

Table of Contents:
Curriculum, Hand Signs, Preparing Lesson Plans
I. The Beat (TA)
II. The Rest
III. The Divided Beat (Ti-Ti)
IV. Musical Sounds
V. The Relation of So-Mi & Mi-So
VI. The Relation of So-La & La-So
VII. The Relation of La-Mi & Mi-La
VIII. The Relation of D-M-M-D & DMS-SMD
IX. The Relation of Do-So & So-Do
X. The Relation of Do-La & La-Do